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Rambling ‘Round Venetian Waters

My tip if you’re ever in Venice: spend the money to buy a vaporetto “boat bus” pass for however many days you’re going to be in town (e.g. 1, 3, 7. etc).  Yes, you can get to St. Mark’s Square and other interesting sites just by walking around, but to see things a little further afield you need to take a vaporetto.   E.g., to get the Lido island, or to the island with our favorite church (San Giogio Maggiore), or perhaps to get to the little cafe on Guidecca, where Chris and I have enjoyed the occasional glass of Prosecco. 

Of course, I’m just a huge fan of these tourist transit passes in general. I really enjoy riding around a town and seeing things with no particular itinerary in mind. In London, as you may recall from my older blog posts, the Oyster pass is your ticket to hop on/hop off regular transit system as much as you please, and that was my favorite way to get to see London while Chris attended conferences there the last two summers.

The vaporetto pass in Venice works the same way, and I always look forward to the chance to hop on a bus boat and enjoy the view of the city from the water.

So, below are a selection of photos I took on this last trip as we rambled around Venice by boat. I hadn’t planned to take any photos from the boat, actually, as it’s always a bit of a challenge to take photos from any moving vehicle, and the windows are not necessary as clean as you’d want for good photos. So, I had decided to keep the camera in my bag and just enjoy the view.  But you know me – I see something that seems worthy of a photo and then I can’t resist trying a few shots. However, mostly these shots are not taken for artistic reasons; rather, they recall an unexpected sight along the way. Enjoy.

3 Responses

  1. I liked your “comic” pictures again–the boat face and the giraffe. (I didn’t know there were so many “faces” around us!) How could one not like the “cute” picture of contented Chris? But the one I liked best was with a “classic composition:” Near Lido Island, the tripods in the water holding a light. Are they called light poles? (No they are not because I read the name for them in some book but I forgot what it was.)

  2. Enjoyed the vaporetto ride around Venice. I am surprised to see motor boats in the canals. I thought they try to keep the pollution down? Did you have the vapors in the vaporetto. I am sorry I couldn’t resist.

  3. Thanks for the comments on the photos!
    @Kathy – there are motor boats, but of course no cars on most of the islands (except the Lido), so the pollution that way doesn’t seem so bad.
    @Stan, I don’t know what those things in the water are called, but I guess there’s some nautical name.

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